Monday, November 19, 2012


Wowee. I really took a hiatus. I actually at one point debated deleting this blog altogether for the amount of time I had been away from it. Yet, here I am, back again, having survived both Hurricane Sandy of October 2012 and one random snowfall of a Nor'Easter about a week after that. Upon skimming through some of the blogs I used to frequent so often back when I was a somewhat-active particpant in the world, it would seem that Summer is still hanging around parts of my old stomping ground of San Diego. FB tells me - thanks to friends who still live there - that there has been a bit of a heatwave, and so it feels like all of a sudden, in spite of the weather, and the snow, and the grey in skies here in New York, that summer may just be slipping away for those on the west coast. Strangely enough, on this Monday morning, I am incredibly, insanely jealous of them. Just a few weeks ago I was thinking how relieved I was that Fall was on its way in, a departure from the sticky days and the busy summer I had - I took on a weekend job waitressing and later weekend job bartending and working 7 days a week does not bode well for me in the long run, it would seem, although in the moment it did not feel painful in the least bit.
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Perhaps the most harsh reality was the fact that we really did not get much Fall. A few weeks, yes, where the leaves began to turn glorious golds and reds, but then we suffered a Hurricane, everyone is still fundraising and without homes and without heat, electricity, water, food, and then the snow came, and it's still sticking around parts of the city (which goes to show just how little sun filters down through those insanely tall skyscrapers) and everything just feels sort of grey and heavy and cold and bad at the moment. And all of this comes together to make me jealous of my friend and family in San Diego who are dealing with the onset of SoCal winter, and I am suddenly so very excited to get home for Christmas, and a break from being cold, that I can hardly express it.

But really, this post was just because I got an itch to get back into the world from which I have been apart for so very many months. It would appear the rest of you were much less slacking in your dedication to your blogging duties, so I am rather excited for the chance to catch up on what you all have been doing since last Spring.