Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Sun

I think it may be very possible that there is nothing simultaneously better and worse than winter sun. Right now, as I sit in my grey office cubicle, there is glorious, tremendous sun glinting down atop the Chrysler building, sparkling off of the East River. It looks magnificent and delicious and all I want to do is go downstairs and lay down on a cement slab and soak it up (as I used to do on our main campus walkway with a dear library coworker and friend as an undergrad). Except this sun is a tease. Because it is cold outside. Not as cold as its been throughout these past few weeks. It is in the 40's out there, not the 20's, and certainly not the single digits. But it is still not put on a tank top and shorts and go soak up the rays weather. So for that, winter sun is a tease. But it still makes my heart happy to sit here, and pretend it's hot outside. Somehow the fact that I know it's really not hot, makes it easier to bear the fact that I have to sit inside, and can't be outside relishing the heat.

New York, there will be innumerable things I will miss about you. Dare I say I will even miss this. [And that's saying a lot because I remember how disheartened I became, my first winter here in 2010, with the tease of winter sun. It literally threw me into a funk that first winter. And now, my third winter in, I thank the city for it.]

But still, I'm very excited to explore the land of Oz and, with any luck, get a taste of some good summer weather. I didn't get a summer this year, due to weekends spent working indoors as a waitress trying to save up for my Australia vacation and also build up some savings, and I am aching for a make-up season.