Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dress Love!

I wish I was a good shopper. Thrift stores and local boutiques promote unique-ness. But they require patience, a trait which I do not possess. (I did once find, in a thrift shop, a fabulous gold clutch I got for $0.50 which perfectly matched a pair of gold strappy sandals I already owned and which I took to my first corporate holiday party, looking the very picture of chic and pulled-together, and secretly shaking my head over the fact that the last thing I wanted to be doing that evening was hanging with coworkers in my off-time)

Sorry, tangent. Back.

I am a poor thrifter and local-boutique-supporter because I am antsy. While I would prefer to have clothes that are not seen on every other make, shape and model of girl, I am far too impatient to return to independent shops every. single. week. That is, I believe, where Etsy comes in for me. Unique pieces, prepared with love, by hand, and therefore inherently more unique than anything that can be bought en masse. But I can search around online, and see up-front what is available. I am an Etsy convert!
Thanks to the magic of Etsy and the ever-fabulous WhatIWore, I have found another dress I love, adore, and simply must have! And the fact that I would be supporting an independent designer, and shop, makes it all the better. Check out this adorable dress (WITH POCKETS!) in all its glory thanks to ohreallybecky.

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