Friday, November 12, 2010

Dresser Debacle

Okay, so this wasn't actually a debacle of epic proportions - and I am honestly incredibly proud of the result - I made an attempt to customize a dresser and there were inevitably a few small errors. The knobs don't descend in a completely straight line, I know, I know. However, all-in-all, I like the results of this DIY dresser.

Okay not DIY dresser. All I did was add knobs. I know, I made it sound like I actually built a dresser. I bought an IKEA dresser, and decided I wanted knobs to break up the severeness of the dark color. I went with a set of simple, round, clear knobs from Anthropologie, being as I felt they would go delightfully well with my new awesome lamp. (Oh, did you somehow miss that post? About my total infatuation? Go ahead, scroll down.) Measured as best I could to find the middle of each drawer, I pre-screwed through the drawer face and then screwed in the knobs. Easy-peas-y (though my right forearm is sore). And Voila!
There are some tweaks that still need to be done - the bottom drawer's knob was put on prior to my realization that the knobs, conveniently, came with a nut to secure on the other side of the drawer face. So I have to get some pliers to remove it now that the knob spins independently of anything else. I also screwed one of the upper knobs in at an angle, and will have to remove it to straighten it out. (Hey, I'm new at this DIY thing, and I tend to get ahead of myself and skip steps in everything I do, so why would this be any different? Exactly. It wasn't.) But I still am pretty content with the current state of things. It felt good to create the actual version of this idea I had in my head. Now, go ahead, spot the errors! And Happy Friday!

PS - I just realized that the second picture from the bottom is a little nauseating. My apologies. I swear I was holding my phone still. Oh. Yeah. Still using the phone for my pictures. Even though I have now unpacked my actual camera. I'll get to it. I promise.


  1. i lvoe the handles that you added xx

  2. Great idea....its the smaller details that adds the wow factor! x

  3. good idea

  4. Oh my gosh Jess! It turned out beautifully! What a brilliant idea I must say!