Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last of the Leaves!

In the states, Thanksgiving is almost here and I can already tell that winter is close on its tail. As I was walking to work yesterday I realized just how bare some of the trees are getting. The contrast is making those trees that do indeed still have brightly-colored leaves that much more impressive. Thus, as we hit the middle of our short workweek, I present to you images of the last remnants of falls colors, the city has been ablaze with colors in the opinion of this humble blogger, although I have been informed by more than a few jaded New Yorkers that this fall has been short and moody, and that it was a shame my first New York fall couldn't have been more colorful. Fear not, lovely Big Apple neighbs, my first taste of a true fall has been nothing short of mesmerizing.

I do think, admittedly, that part of what makes fall so beautiful to me is the colors and the architecture of the buildings all throughout Manhattan, which serve as the backdrop for these leaves (of which there really were more reds and oranges than any of my pictures served to capture). I think the city will be just as mesmerizing when all tree branches are bare.

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  1. Love these photos Jess...is this your walk to work? I feel like I'm walking with you! :)