Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buy Local!

Yes, I know buying local can be more expensive than buying at the grocery store, and I am certainly no poster child for local living. However, I am aware that local is the best way to go - for ourselves as well as for everyone around us and for the earth itself - and when I have a little extra breathing room in the budget, I prefer to go to local Farmers' Markets and "treat" myself to truly locally grown foods. My most recent purchase was some local honey, from Brooklyn, although now that winter is approaching I'm not sure how Farmers Markets fair in this part of the country...

But I digress!

The point of this post was for you all to check out this photo (from "life according to celia"). The left pomegranate was purchased from a grocery store, the one on the right was purchased at her local Farmers' Market. Picture-perfect proof that you may just get more for your money going local!


  1. Thats a big difference! I usually try to buy local, it's just hard when I can't make it to the farmers market!

  2. I hear ya. Buying local is the way to go. Plus its more fun if you go to Farmers Markets.

  3. if everyone buys local we create a market and drive the prices down. we should all do it!!

  4. I agree, buying local is the best. I'm all about farmers markets in the summer.