Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Excursion Excitement

I leave tomorrow for my Harrisburg rendezvous with two dear friends and their parents. I am incredibly excited, presumably because this will be my first time getting out of New York since I moved here, coupled with the fact that I am always excited to get to spend time with this particular family.

Everyone around me seems positively flummoxed as to why I would travel "all the way" to Harrisburg for a single day via train. Please. This is a 3-hour train ride. I used to travel that far, driving myself, to visit friends in Los Angeles for a day. I'm going to be able to sit in my train seat, ideally look out of a window, and read my book, all the while anticipating a lovely weekend spent in a lovely home with lovely conversationalists and that comforting, home-y feeling that only comes with people you have known for years. I can't help but think that this will be a perfect way to finally get my head into the "holiday" space and I'm very excited.

As such, however, I will be taking the day off tomorrow and I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Oh, and these shots have really nothing to do with anything save that they are Christmas tree ornaments, and I like sparkly things. Ciao, ciao!