Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Party 2010: Success!

I am pleased to report to you that my company's holiday party was a success last night. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This is easily the "youngest" company with any actual business acumen that I've ever worked for, and it showed at this fiesta - the dance floor filled up as soon as people walked in the doors. Add to this the fact that the venue was absolutely beautiful, and I experienced the first holiday party that I thoroughly enjoyed attending. I even hit up the after-party for a good few minutes, although my aching feet couldn't handle too much more. By 11:30 I had put myself into a cab back home, and crawling into bed that night, the arches of my feet had never been happier at being bare.

One downside of the night? I lost my driver's license somewhere between the after-party and waking up this morning. Being as I scoured my room, my coat pockets, and the bathroom, I can only assume it's on the floor of the bar, or the floor of the cab. Feels like a Saturday night and yet, it was a Thursday... Either way, I guess I won't be going out this weekend after all, and will be getting a NY ID!
{The Capitale, site of Holiday Party 2010}

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