Friday, March 4, 2011

Summer's Coming!

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Yes the weather may still be frigid and I may very well have a few more gripes up my sleeve about that fact, but it is undeniable that summer is coming. With that comes a lot of half-nakey time. I am a sun bunny in every sense of the word, I could tan, doze, sleep, read, chat, and doze again in the sun from morning til night. Due to this propensity to be wearing as little as possible during the months of July and August (June in San Diego already rendered itself gloomy, so I never got into that habit), I have to start getting myself into bikini shape now. And so, to the gym I must go. Consistently. Because the embarrassing 2 times I think I went this entire winter, did me no favors. So, here's some physique inspiration to get me to start doing my 30 minutes a day, and happy Friday to all!


  1. thankyou! i'm glad you like them, i just really love the unusual colour!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog!xxxxxxx

  2. bikini shape !! yeah, we have to start right now if we want to have a body like this one ;))

    have a great week end !


  3. Summer is the best! Good luck with the gym, I always admire people who go to the gym. Hence why I will NEVER look like those pictures :p xoxo