Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday at last!

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And another short post - complete with a theater tease - to end this week as I promised it would. I attended the Opening Night of "Anything Goes" last night, including the after-party, and I just have to state that my most heart-happy part of the whole affair was acknowledging the fact that this cast gave their heart and soul to the preview performance I saw, just as much as to this opening night performance. That respect for the material, each other, and their audiences, is what makes me love theater in a way no other art form has ever held my adoration. A truly fantastic evening, to be sure. As ever, more will come next week, which will essentially exist as "April 4-8, The Redux" in its postings. May you all have fabulous weekends; I fully intend to catch up on sleep while my houseguest visits others for a bit, throwing in some wine tasting and a walkabout for good measure. Happy Friday, all!


  1. theatre, wine, and a workout?! lucky gal. but seriously i'd love to see anything goes--even more now with the high praise you've given it.

  2. It sounds like a fantastic performance!! I just love when performers give it their all :p I hope you had fun wine tasting, what a great weekend!