Thursday, October 27, 2011


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I forgot to set my alarm this morning so I slept in gloriously late - and I woke up refreshed for the first time in a week, so it was totally worth it. It's rainy and cold outside today - supposed to drop to the high 40's - but this image is most certainly going to propel me to take myself into the gym after work! It's been nice, these past few days of getting back into a gym routine - 30 minutes or so of weight training is most certainly doable, and I'm finally starting to see the benefits of the advice that one start slow when getting back into actively working towards a healthy lifestyle. Heretofore I was always a jump in head first kind of girl - an hour of cardio plus weights at least 5 days a wonder burnout was such a standard. Slow and steady may indeed win the race, but I think the bigger gain here is that I am looking forward to doing this exercise again, and to trying to clean my body from the inside out. Happy Thursday all!

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