Friday, November 11, 2011


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I read an interesting piece yesterday speaking about how life should be lived with conviction, actively, about how you shouldn't let life just happen to you, but that you should make the effort to make the life you want happen for yourself. This certainly is not a new concept, but I am definitely the sort who likes her comfort zone, floating along on the familiar. This move across the country was easily the gutsiest thing I've ever done, and since doing it a year ago, I haven't really lived my life via conscious decisions for my part. I went with the crowd, I blended in, and not only did it get me into trouble financially, but that way of life also didn't do much to benefit my mindset. I suppose there's a correlation between living with conviction and being a control freak, I do have a bit of a control issue as well. Yet, it just makes sense to look at the decisions I make throughout the day and muse whether each is something I am going to appreciate and enjoy or not. I have always been a people pleaser, and there is something to be said for that too - keeping the peace, probably being the single strongest benefit - but I am going to work towards being conscious and present in my life, on a daily basis, and examine each decision I make with its pro's and con's for me, rather than what I know or assume the other party - or society in general - might want. Wish me luck! And Happy Friday!

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