Monday, November 28, 2011

home sweet home

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Good new kids. After months of waffling back and forth with do I like New York? Has it beaten me? Is it time to throw in the towel? And a recent return from my October visit to Cali rendering me less than excited about returning to this iconic city, I am pleased as punch to tell you that I am very happy to be back in New York after this Thanksgiving holiday. I think the move to Brooklyn had a lot to do with it, I think returning home in Cali to friends who love me in all my varying incarnations and who themselves are scattered all throughout California - and who share appreciations and pasts in the city I now call home - had a lot to do with that. New York is my playground for the time being, my place of self-discovery and adventure, and I am excited to return to it and view it as such. So as we wind down November and gear up for December - and admittedly another return visit to my California home - I am amped to keep discovering my New York. I hope everyone else had safe travels and wonderful times with family and friends this past weekend, whether as a part of Thanksgiving gatherings or not!
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