Monday, November 7, 2011

Painting completion

No, the room does not look professionally painted. With any luck, maybe I'll get motivated in a few weeks and want to do a second coat, but as Saturday night rolled around, the last thing I wanted to do was go back over those walls with another coat of white. And the other last thing I wanted was to be faced with having to put the ugly plastic tarp back over my bed and dresser and start all over Sunday morning. So I called it a night on Saturday and made peace with the slightly splotchy walls and very splotchy ceiling. It's probably pretty bad that my initial enthusiasm could have been so swiftly replaced with the mindset, "eh, it's just a rental." I didn't even bother to paint my grey accent wall. Still, all my worrying that I only gave half-effort to this painting endeavor, does not diminish the fact that even my one-coat paint-job has brightened the room immeasurably. It even makes the awful, broken blinds that came with the room look less shabby, if a bit more disposable. Cleaner and brighter, the room now looks, and I now only have to strip the layers of paint off my remaining light switch plate and 1 outlet face plate to bring them back to their original white color, and remove the paint drips that currently decorate bits of my floor and a corner of my dresser, and the room will be single-coat complete. Not too bad for a day's work, really, even though more dedicated souls would probably have done the requisite 2 coats and done their clean-up in the same amount of time. Now, let's get through this Monday!


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