Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Williams as Monroe

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I went with a dear friend to see "My Week With Marilyn" last night. I am a forever-fan of Marilyn Monroe's, something about her tragic existence and exploitation as a sex object has always fascinated me, even as she put herself into that position while still trying to be taken seriously as an actress. And I have to say, while I did not particularly like Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, there were a few snippets here and there where she 100% was the ill-fated starlet. A purse of the mouth here, a jumble of words there, a drunken stumble and a cry and Marilyn was there on the screen in all her simpering glory. But then she would disappear again and it would just be Michelle Williams with platinum hair and strange hip padding. Still, the movie itself was worth a viewing - the entire cast is amazing and Kenneth Branaugh is, as one would expect, strong as Sir Laurence Olivier. Definitely check this film out, as all England-based films are (for me, at least), this is a great winter-time flick.

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