Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sorry I've been so MIA of this little blog and you, my two readers! These layoffs are truly taking a toll at work and I've been slammed as the standard amount of work is now being spread around two less people within our little department. Thus, please know I am not abandoning you and intentionally taking from you tales of my ever-exciting New York life (HA!), I am simply running out of time to post daily...and the need for a computer at home seems all the more dominant, hm? ;) I hope everyone's Tuesday goes swimmingly and I will be back to post as soon as I am able!


  1. I hope work settles down soon! It's pretty unfair that the cost of cutting two people means everyone else's work/life balance suffers a bit!

    1. Too true! Hopefully things will even out sooner rather than later... Thanks for the support! :)