Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fun Times

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There is a true benefit to living in a city as vibrant and, we'll just say it, famous as New York City. People travel here. People want to come visit New York from all over the world, and they do so, everyday; solo or with family or with friends, and in droves. So sometimes, when you're lucky enough to strike up a conversation with someone sitting close by in a restaurant, or a bar, or disembarking from one of the many tour buses that traverse Manhattan, you meet some great people.

One of my first roommates from New York and I met up this past weekend for brunch, and happened to have an empty table next to us at which two visitors from Australia sat. My former roommate, being a congenial sort of person, struck up a conversation with them, I joined in, and lo and behold, two insta-friends were made, an incredible few days were spent with them, and I was able to see this city and all the great things people can bring with them, with new sets of eyes. Do I now want to visit Australia? Oh yes, definitely. And I've been lucky enough to have made friends from the Land Down Under previously in my life, so that says something about this visiting duo, eh? Is it beyond lovely to not only have made great memories this past weekend but have made friends that will (hopefully, with proper tending and attention paid) last into the future? Yes, yes, and yes again.

It's funny now a chance meeting can make the world seem new again, and possibilities seem endless and exciting. But I guess that's what life gives you when you're open to whatever comes your way.


  1. What a fun weekend! And DEFINITELY come to Australia ;)

    1. Aw man I would LOVE to come to Australia! Maybe it'll actually happen, eh?? Time to save some pennies...