Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i love new york

And, as I walked down through Greenwich Village on my lunchbreak to an errand today, I don't know how I could ever leave this city. I love its busy-ness. I love the way there is seemingly no rhyme or reason to streets in the village, I love the storefronts, the employees, the cobblestones, the trees. I love the cold air whipping my hair as I turn a corner, I love people not even noticing me as I literally turn circles in the middle of the street trying to figure out what corner houses my subway stop. I love that there is maddening construction going on in a subway station but that that indescribable feeling success as I pass through the turnstile right as the train pulls up makes any noises, glaring orange construction signs, and seemingly endless netting to keep pedestrians out, is worth all of it and more. I chose to make this city my home less than two years ago. And I have been thrown a lot in the time I've been here. And I thank my lucky stars for that. In its ever-changing nature, this city never changes. Which allows me to continue to grow and explore and be. Thanks for being you, New York.

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  1. I am so glad that you and New York are getting along so well Jess. It totally seems like it fits you. Love your description here...makes me feel like I am right there with you!