Thursday, September 16, 2010

Start at the very beginning...

Hello friends!

Ok, as of yet this perky little blog has no friends but it may one day, so I might as well do my best to welcome everyone now. I'm a quirky, culture-loving, high heel-lusting, city-living girl with a need for frequent theater fixes and a continuous loop of show tunes playing in my head. I love life and want to share with anyone who cares to listen the varied and delightful reasons why.

First on the list? This incredible, hustling, bustling city, where pedestrians dictate traffic, cab drivers vie for power, theater flourishes, fashion thrives, and which Mary Tyler Moore made her own. Secondly? That incredible view from the room that lets me take it all in. Rain on the rooftops last weekend heralded a foggy day in London town, but isn't it charming?

Welcome to my world kids, it promises adventure.

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