Thursday, October 21, 2010


As much as I love my roommate, I'm finding that my excitement about moving to my new apartment with a female roommate is fueled mostly because I want the chance to have a kitchen stocked with cute and functional accessories. Yes, I did just use the word "accessories" in relation to a kitchen. I'm domestically-challenged. But look at these bits and bobs for the home!
An adorable teapot for those soon-to-be-constant rainy days. Sure, I could continue to zap my coffee cup in the microwave for tea or cocoa, but there's something infinitely cozier about heating water on the stove. And in this cute little pot, who could resist?
A functional, but tres sweet, bottle opener, for those one-day-to-return summer afternoons. In the meantime, being able to host the boys independently of their key chain bottle openers is always nice, and this opener is so much cuter and classier than the top half of a bikini-clad blonde!

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