Friday, October 22, 2010

The Leaves are Changing!

Part of the reason I was so excited to move to New York was for the weather. As a California girl born and raised in the southern region, I have never experienced seasons, never mind lived in the cold. So I'm becoming more and more giddy as fall creeps into the colors of Manhattan's cityscape. As I traipse around this city that fully embraces walkers, I'm finally noticing the colors changing in the leaves, which is a delightful addition to the weather's unavoidable chill.

Yeah, that piccy in the middle is just because I was impressed by the pink in the sky. Don't those beautifully yellowing leaves just make you want to throw on a scarf and pop into an eatery for a bowl of hot soup? This weather is definitely making me crave comfort foods. Cozy, warm meals that I can enjoy whilst watching the winter slowly creep upon us outside.

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  1. Ummmm...Jess! I am in love with your blog. How on earth did it take me so long to find it? Have you seen mine? I just added yours to our "bookmarks." I love reading about your New York adventures and it allows me to live vicariously through you and your new chic haircut (want picture). That is a shame about the dating service...I still vote for hanging about firehouses. Hope all is well and I am jealous of your beautiful fall.