Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend with Sister!

I was lucky enough to have my sister in town this weekend. I'm hoping that next time she comes to visit, I'll be able to show my sister a better time, know my way around fun and favorite places a bit more cleanly, have a list of things I think she will enjoy, and so forth. As it stood, however, I am still learning my way, and establishing myself in this place, so she had to settle for the limited bits I could scrounge up to do. One of which was Sunday brunch - a New York tradition - at the delightful Sarabeth's East on the Upper East Side.
(Please note I neglected to take any pictures and these are all taken from Thank you to all your fabulous photographers out there!)
May I just say, while service for the bakery at this place was awful - I'm looking at you manager who refused to help customers as the two of us waited patiently and made consistent eye contact - the restaurant food was divine. I got the Salmon Eggs Benedict, and my sis got the Apple-Cinnamon French Toast.with Bananas. We ate ourselves silly, and washed the whole thing down with mango and peach bellinis. And may I just say, I would 100% return. I literally dreamt about my Salmon Eggs Benedict last night. Yeah, it's true.

There truly is nothing like family. The ability to sleep what probably amounted to 3/4 of a younger sibling's visit to her older sibling's new abode on the east coast, spend the other 1/4 of the trip eating, and to really not feel like it was a wasted trip? That can only be given and received by family. Thanks for the visit, Sis, and sorry that I'm documenting the whole thing via food. Love you!

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