Friday, October 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

In my home life, I have consistently subscribed to the opinion that there is no sense decorating a rented apartment that I will be leaving when the lease is up in 9-12 months. And so I went through college and several years post-college with bare walls, hand-me-down furniture (thanks to everyone who has generously donated to my various homes), and basic bedding.

Suddenly, however, I am consumed with the desire to make my home an aesthetically-pleasing place to be. As I am a renter who will be sharing an apartment, there are certain things I cannot manipulate, the living room with its own hand-me-down furniture being one of them. However, my bedroom will be my space, and I fully intend to make it a chic, modern oasis. Here are some home decor inspirations I am currently daydreaming about:

Taken here and there from apartmenttherapy's and theglamourai's always-inspiring blogs.

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