Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Curtains, curtains, who's got the curtains!

Anyone catch the Dweedle-Dee and Dweedle-Dum-isms of that title? Anyway, I've got the curtains! That's right, I hung up 3 curtains in each of 3 exposed windows in my new apartment - my room, the dining nook (I love it, but that ain't a room), and the kitchen. The windows don't let in all that much light as they all face our neighboring building, but I wanted to give at least the illusion of some privacy without blocking the light completely. Thus, I went with cafe curtains, covering the bottom half of the windows but keeping the upper half completely uncovered. I think they turned out very well, all said.
 {Dining Nook Window - Before}
{Dining Nook Window - After}
The real kicker? There was absolutely no hemming involved. Home Depot was my one-stop-shop for the spring rods and the curtains themselves, but as they were not the iron-a-hem sort of curtains I had a moment of doubt whether or not they should just be returned. Still, I decided to try a hare-brained technique, and the trick worked! I simply folded the curtains under themselves from the bottom, and they were just long enough that they provided a sort of insta-valance over the top of each curtain! My grandmother was excited for me when I told her, and it's saying something when one's grandmother will take a short-cut-technique-to-partial-privacy and congratulate you on it.
{Curtained Bedroom Window}
{Curtained Kitchen Window; the bottom section is a screen hence no curtain-coverage}


  1. oh wow it looks way better - love it xxxx

  2. I love that you call it the dinning nook! ;) we have a "Den" but really its a nook....great job on the curtains, amazing what a few small changes can do