Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gray Skies and Cheery Mornings

As one who considers herself to be at least aware of the harm humans wreck on the environment, I have to shamefacedly admit to you that up until scarily recently, I was using the paper cups my office provides for my daily coffee fix. I know, I'm sorry. There was a snafu with a mug I thought I had but which I never found, and I couldn't bear to purchase a random mug when I knew there was one a dear friend had made for me somewhere in my midst. Finally, however, I gave up on ever finding said homemade mug, and purchased a generic one. One with which I am now completely in love. So cheery on these gray New York days! So yellow and perfect for tea!

In other news, the pumpkins which I never carved have found a new home in my new room on the wonderfully wide window panes that only New York seems able to provide. And yes, that is candy corn in the background. And yes, it was devoured in about 2 days. What can I say? Girl's gotta sweet tooth. Also, everyone wave to my neighbs! We can all see in each others windows all the time. And no one seems concerned about closing blinds or curtains. Makes for a rather communal arrangement.
Stay tuned, I hung curtains in this very window recently, and as I am not the most crafty person alive, I am eager to explain to you all just how I managed the curtain-hanging endeavor. It's a gripping tale. Not really, but pictures will be forthcoming.

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  1. Love that color of your mug..it's so cheery and the color of sunshine! Those mini baby pumpkin's are cuter than ever!
    xooxBeckerman Girls