Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh the weather outside...

Now with the time change over and done with, and a gloomy, windy Monday to boot, it feels like winter is upon us. The toughest part being, of course, that winter is not at all upon us. It is only fall and already I am understanding why there's always women in the bathroom doing their make-up at work. The wind is too cold, the eyes tear too much, and wearing mascara en route to work is just foolishness. It is weather like this that makes me wish I had a fireplace. Or my own place so I could buy a fake fireplace and set it up in the living room where most people's TVs take residence. That's right, I'd have a fake fireplace if such was all that was available to me. And I would not be ashamed. In the meantime, I have to imagine a future home with a fireplace - fake or otherwise - so here are some pictures to offer me inspiration.


  1. oh wow im bookmarking this - great inspiration xxxxxxx

  2. these are great photos... i just moved into a new place and desperately need someone to help me get it looking like one of those photos!