Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Challenge Yourself!

I am an avid reader of the blog Kendi Everyday, and she has re-introduced a contest of sorts to encourage readers to make use of clothes they already own, called "30 for 30 Challenge." The premise of the challenge is this: You take 30 pieces of clothing that you already own, shoes included, and mix and match them to create 30 different outfits (1 per day) without going shopping and buying anything new for those 30 days. Sounds simple, yes? So, go to!
Admittedly, I myself will not be joining in on the fun - I finally blew up my air mattress in my new room last night and hung up approximately 3 pairs of pants and a jacket, but the rest of my life is still in suitcases and I just don't have the stamina to attempt any challenge greater than "Getting Jessica's Life In Some Semblance of Order." However, I love that Kendi's challenge involves not only making use of those gems from your closet you've surely forgotten about since hitting up Forever21 and H&M and walking away completely disgruntled with everything you already own, but that it specifically stipulates that participants shall not shop for 30 days. Consumerism is a problem in America, and if this recession has taught us nothing else, we have learned to make better use of what we already have in our lives. So why not put that practice into the fun of this challenge!

If anyone wants to check it out, hop on over to Kendi's blog and follow her steps to join in on the challenge. I wish you the best of luck and let me know how it goes!

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