Friday, December 3, 2010

Fill 'Er Up!

Ah friends. We have made it to Friday. This week wasn't even long or exhausting for me, but it's just nice to know you get a little break. It's good for the soul. But no kick-off to the weekend can start off on the right foot without a healthy breakfast, right?! And so, I introduce to you my newest favorite breakfast. Greek yogurt with ground blueberry-infused flax seed and a dried berries granola combination. All purchased with love from Trader Joe's, and eaten with gusto every morning this week.

As my family knows, I grew up hating breakfast. I used to skip it entirely. I'm awful about making time to eat it before I leave for work (or used to leave for school) and while was in school it was impossible to eat in class, so I just skipped the meal. Now that work allows for noshing at one's desk, breakfast has been newly introduced to me. (Ha! See how I used word-choice to make it seem like eating at one's desk is a privilege rather than the slow sucking of any semblance of free time? Glass is always half-full, my friends)

I throw the yogurt into reusable Tupperware, toss the flax seed and granola into a reusable Ziploc baggie, and I'm good to go! And this meal, I love. I know it doesn't look appetizing -and Greek yogurt can take some getting used to - but I promise you the mix of flavors and textures in this breakfast will delight your senses! And with all these healthful, nourishing ingredients costing less than $13 and lasting me for a little over a weeks worth of breakfasts, what's not to love?! Now go to, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. i grew up hating it too. but this looks delicious--i'm gonna have to try it!

  2. ps: there is a granola at trader joe's that is gluten free and it tastes like cookies--i just tried it and couldn't be happier. had a little of that with greek yogurt and blackberries this morning...heaven!