Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lovely Little Lights!

I would like to clarify a little something from yesterday's post - I love Christmas. And I have grown up going to church on Christmas Eve. I do not consider myself to be religious because I love Christmas in the Hallmark sense, for the familial traditions associated with the holiday. For me attending church services on Christmas eve with my family is as much of a tradition as getting together as a family itself. Thus I do not consider myself religious, though I might say I'm a the specified definition of that word to mean that I love holiday traditions.

In light of my love for Christmas festivity - and in hopes that all my Jewish friends out there had a wonderful first night of Hanukkah, which also involves lovely twinkling candlelight - I had to get you all in the spirit that I am enveloped by every evening as I walk home from work in the streets that have become darkened since 4 pm. Everywhere I turn there are twinkling fairy lights wrapped around trees and intertwined in bare branches, there are wreathes in store windows, office building foyers, and on doors to businesses. There are miniature Christmas trees in display windows, tinsel peeking out between mannequins dressed in holiday finery, lights covering every inch of apartment building facades. Yes, I will try to get some actual photos of the lights I enjoy, but for the time being, enjoy these!  This truly is a spectacular time of year; hooray for December!

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  1. It is one of my favorite times of the year too! The photography is fantastic. Welcome to New York. I read on a Twitter post in San Diego that you moved out there and started this I popped in to take a closer peek. Thanks for sharing.