Monday, December 27, 2010


Hi friends,

I am writing this blog post from sunny California, as all my flights home to New York were cancelled yesterday and I have been informed that the first available flight out won't be until Wednesday afternoon. That's right, there's a blizzard warning in effect for the New York metropolitan area, JFK was closed yesterday and as such, New Yorkers are apparently instructed to stay inside their homes, and the rest of us who went home for Christmas are not completely unable to return to our New York apartments. It's a sad state of affairs, namely because even with said blizzard warning in effect my good ol' office in Manhattan is still open and ready for business, which I am not unable to take part in. Buh-bye vacation days. Le sigh.

Regardless, I guess we can now say I'm taking one more step towards becoming a real New Yorker. I have my very own first cross-country holiday travel horror story! 20 inches in snow in Central Park last night, according to The Guardian. And all this after musings going on by coworkers that since last winter was so cold, I may have a mild winter for my first in the city.

Forgive me if postings are few and far between until Thursday, this may be a forced use of scarce vacation days for me, but I may as well run some West Coast errands and take walks by the beach, I figure. Stay warm East Coast friends! I hope to be back among you soon!

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