Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone enjoyed a day off yesterday and took some time to think of the man behind the holiday. I did get my museum excursion this weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it prior to waking up this morning to "freezing rain" and an entirely new understanding of the ways in which winter can be cold in the northeast. Regardless, the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum proved endlessly interesting to me. I went with a friend who preferred to chat through it, I'm coming to the conclusion that I prefer to do museums solo so I can meander through at my own pace. The things we learn. Still, I would recommend popping over to Brooklyn to check out this exhibit while you can, I found it visually satisfying and pretty interesting to boot!

Side note, on this cold - it's ridiculously awful when it's cold and wet. When I walked outside it looked like a light dusting of snow had settled over everything, but it was all a facade. Slushy, icy, mush was all that awaited me, leaving me with wet feet and soon-to-be-salted pant hems. The rain that came from the sky was not rain, was not soft enough to be snow, though thankfully was also not hard enough to be hail. I literaly was dealing with slush raining from the sky and plopping itself onto the ground for my morning commute. rather unpleasant. Ah well. While I warm my feet, you all have a wonderful Tuesday and stay dry!

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