Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh Natalie

I finally saw "Black Swan" last night, and while I don't know if it is an Oscar-worthy film (no judgements of me here! This is a Safe Space for me, people! See how that works? I just decide things in the best interest of myself. You're welcome.) I did very much enjoy it. I love a little homo-eroticism as much as the next Literature major with a strong interest in film studies, but I do agree with a few criticisms I heard regarding character arc (or a lack thereof...)

Still, the film made me remember just how much I love Natalie Portman, even with her sometimes off-putting little-girl-mumbling way of speaking. I am just enthralled by her finely boned face and her figure, even more petite in this film than ever before. I find Natalie Portman to be a very pretty girl, highlighted most, perhaps, by her delicacy and frailty in both speaking and physicality. This film, obviously, only served to emphasize these viewpoints, but the girl is definitely prettily dainty.
Oh, sorry, were you confused about the strange diatribe on my love-hate relationship for sometimes-girl-crush Natalie Portman? Yeah, it just came on, stream-of-consciousness-style after I saw this post on TheShortandTheSweetofit. And you thought that was strange and out-of-the-blue? Let's not even get me started on her surprise pregnancy thing...

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