Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mike the Knife Guy

I had seen this truck once before, whilst passing through Brooklyn with a friend of mine, but when I saw it again this past weekend after taking in the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, I became newly enthralled. It just seems so quaint to have a knife-sharpening truck, should it not consistently be followed by the milkman and the ice truck?

Thankfully, as is ever the case in the world of blogs, the back story of the Knife Truck can be found, thanks to Hither and Tither. A family business of sorts, Mike's son took over the route and has driven through Brooklyn for 50 years, clanging his bell and sharpening the knives and scissors of chefs and barbers who come running for his services. Fabulous, no?

These are the little things about New York that I'm slowly beginning to see as I settle more and more into the realization that I do indeed live here. And I just love it.

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