Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh New York

I've decided I don't want to keep anything from you guys: New York and I had a little tiff this weekend. Basically, I hit a point where I could no longer handle the cold and The City refused to warm up for me. I lamented that if I were still in California, I could be lying out on a beach, soaking up imperative Vitamin D and delicious warmth rather than the frigid temperatures presented to me here. The City simply shrugged its shoulders and continued to shine weak winter sun, and send cold breezes whipping down the Avenues. The weather wasn't it's fault, that's just the way things were at the moment. It would change, things would warm, eventually. I had to give it time. I still refused to be cooperative and The City and I (with whom I have been nearly inseparable for a full 5 months) did not see each other for almost a full 24 hours. Finally, at 5 pm I was coaxed outside by the invitation of a friend, and The City was there, waiting for me patiently as ever. It refreshed my heater-flushed face with a cold wind, pinked my cheeks by the same, provided all levels of human neighbor on the subway, and presented a convenient bodega from which to purchase chocolate chip cookies to bake with friends. And I admitted my annoyances, and The City brushed aside my disgruntled morning and kept me company as I walked home that night. And now, we're good again. Today, because I am a lucky, lucky girl, The City decided to give a little snow again last night, and walking in to work this morning, I saw a lovely cluster of balloons snagged in the bare branches of a newly snow-covered tree. The City always gives the best gifts.
PS - Sorry Mom and Dad, I know the thought of helium-filled balloons slated to drift into the atmosphere and further destroy our already-quickly-weakening environment, is infuriating. I too am torn between my own irritation with the carelessness of things like non-biodegradable balloons, and the fact that I really did find the sight very pretty. I guess, if they're already up there, already set to do what harm they can, then at least I can see something more positive than only the disheartening side of the situation? It's a rather tricky struggle...


  1. it has been cold lately hasn't it?! today i went for a little jog on my usual walking path and the loosely packed snow made it as though i was running through sand on the beach, meaning: it was hard! i'm surprise how well i'm surprising this city winter, but seeing as it's my seventh one... well.

    nothing like spring in ny. and it always means more the harder the winter!

  2. Oh my God Jess. I was going over all of your older posts and stumbled upon this one. I'm cracking up. Love the part about being torn between the destruction of our atmosphere and prettiness of the picture! Ha. Thanks for making me smile! :) Glad you and New York are on better terms again. Oh and by the way, I was grumpy all Christmas Day at San Diego because it was SUNNY! The nerve! I want my cold winter storm on that one day...but nada.

  3. hahaha Thanks Alexa! Grr Sunny San Diego Christmases! I too remember hating sunny winters, so I can understand your own aggravation. :)