Monday, January 24, 2011

Magic Tee-eeth!

Yes, that title was a play off "Magic Foot" from "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." Anybody out there get it?

Anyway, I have found my New York dentist, and the office was a hoot. Straight out of the 60's, the utilitarian chic of every dentist's office all across America was punctuated with clear acrylic tables, and round "futuristic" gray pleather couches and chairs in the waiting room. Sort of shabbily psychaedelic - or at least I could see how at one time it would have been quite in line with the aesthetic of the patients streaming through the doors. Yet, it was a little stack of pamphlets that truly caught my attention.
It would seem my dentist fancies himself a magician. Enough so that, when his practice opened up, he surely wanted to present to the children of Manhattan, the amazing, magical ways one could care for their teeth, and as an added bonus, I wonder if these same children, beaming with whiter smiles and healthier gums upon leaving their appointment, were handed these pamphlets as a means to show off to their friends at school the next day. Truly, these pamphlets tickled me pink, and I just had to take one.

My apologies that these pictures are rotating themselves incorrectly...

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