Monday, January 3, 2011

Promises, Promises

Apologies for abandoning you all on Friday. I had just seen the thoroughly enjoyable "Promises, Promises" the night before so I certainly had something to post on, but alas, I simply refused to do any work. Instead, I laid around in my room, enjoying the sunshine and a new Weepies CD, until I left to start my New Years Eve festivities. A tremendously relaxing way to prepare for the New Year. And now, onto the show at hand!
"Promises, Promises" may not be known to some of you, but it is where Burt Bacharach favorites like "I Say A Little Prayer" and "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" originated, and the songs stood up to the test of time in this musical revival. I won't lie to you and say that I would have seen this show even without the superstar cast, but let it be known that they did not disappoint.

While Kristen Chenoweth's turn as "Fran Kubelik" is, unfortunately, one I was unable to see, Sean Hayes' "Chuck Baxter" was tremendously entertaining. Hayes' singing voice stronger than anticipated and his physical comedy skills - called to action most prominently in his role of "Jack" in TV's long-running "Will & Grace" - were excellently captured in this role. I was also lucky enough to catch Molly Shannon's turn as "Marge MacDougall" which did not disappoint. Dick Latessa's "Dr. Dreyfuss" was truly delight to behold in all his scenes, and Tony Goldwyn brought "J.D. Sheldrake" to life with a lovely voice and smarmy charm. There truly was no weakness in this cast, and all should be proud to have been a part of such a show.
Creating the stage on which these actors shined, Scott Pasks' set design was excellent. A delightful combination of "The Flintstones" with every 60's game show imaginable, the backdrops and furniture were simple but perfectly created the necessary locales. Couple these physical sets with Bruce Pasks' costumes and this show easily took the audience back to 1960's New York.

I am sorry that the show has now closed - these little reviews of mine seem to come at the very worst times! And they will continue to do so, as I rang 2011 in by treating myself to 2 shows this weekend. Sorry, I can't see a show and not share my glee with someone. Now that my theater buddies have been left across the country, you guys are it.

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