Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glorious San Francisco

 As mentioned in yesterday's post, I returned home from San Francisco safely, and refreshed, revived and renewed, at that! There is something about that city I've loved ever since my first visit, and it's never been more true than this particular trip. Two dear friends drove up from San Diego to spend the weekend in their northern city, I reunited with them as well as two other of my closest friends. I got pure, unadulterated sister-time, had a delightful roommate reunion, and got to wander aimlessly through the steep hills and winding streets of the magical city that is San Francisco. I marveled at how big and blue the sky can be - it gets to easy to forget how incredible simple sky is when you rarely see more than a glimpse through the tops of buildings. I was grateful for how easy it still was to get around on foot and public transport, while being able to enjoy breezes off the water and sun peeking through clouds in a constantly changing - and ever visible! - sky. San Francisco is definitely a place I'd like to live one day. I hope it get out to live there before my sister and friends decide to change up their own lives and move on, but I've only just gotten to New York and I'm not done here yet. In the meantime I'm happy to continue popping in for visits while I have friends and family with which to explore.Thanks to my amazing sister (The Wise Bean) for such a great trip!

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  1. It looks like an amazing trip, I have always wanted to go there!