Friday, February 25, 2011


My family and friends know I'm an eater. I love food, and I love all kinds of food, so you can imagine how wild I get when I go on vacation and just eat whatever I want whenever I want it. Suffice to say, my visit to San Francisco was precisely that and I ate accordingly. More specifically, I ate sausage. I blame the fact that I was watching a carnivore-themed food crawl show on Food Network on the flight across the sea. But, really, 3 sausages at 3 different eateries over 4 days? Even I know that to be a little excessive. Still, they were all delish, so I have to share with you where they all came from.
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A delicious hot dog with chili and cheese started off the sausage smorgasbord thanks to The Board Room (1609 Powell Street). Yes, yes, naysayers I know a hot dog is not a sausage - I am Italian [specifically:  Sicilian] - but for purposes of this discussion, we will consider it to be one. Mainly because 2 sausages over 4 days at 2 different eateries just sounds sort of standard. I like to be garish and over-the-top with this sort of thing.
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Next, an excursion with friends to a delicious German restaurant in Alameda called Speisekammer (2424 Lincoln Ave.) provided a delicious and authentic bratwurst with kraut and spicy mustard. Coupled with a fabulous beer, German chocolate cake for dessert, and some fabulous laughs-sprinkled conversation, and this little eater was quite content.
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Finally, another set of friends (old and new!) took me to an amazing beer bar called Toronado in the lower Haight (547 Haight St., between Fillmore St & Steiner St). With a tremendous amount of beer to choose from, not only was this bar cozy with delicious libations, it also let you bring food in! Yet another reason why San Francisco is so closely tied in my heart to my current New York City.
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Obviously, yours truly got herself a sausage at the Rosamunde Sausage Grill next door (545 Haight St.) Actually, it was gifted to me being as I did not pay for it. But I did indeed choose it, as could be evidenced by my eyes streaming tears from the Italian sausage (obvi) and the hot peppers, onions, and Dijon Wasabe mustard in which I had my sausage smothered.

Yes indeed, it was a delightful weekend filled with eating mass amounts of food, splendid time with friends, and a very happy me.

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  1. Yes, the food in San Francisco is fantastic.