Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Storm!

Winter just keeps trying to best me. Give it a rest! I'm not leaving New York City! I just got here! Last night was an ice storm, continuing into delightful (yes, this is sarcasm) sleety-slushy-icy rain on the way to work, and plenty of icy patches all along my commute. I literally had to be forcibly assisted by one kind gentleman shoveling and scraping a street corner, as I slid around trying to gain footing. Thank heavens New York isn't completely full of people entirely too capable of pretending nothing is going on around them.
The noise was so loud last night, in fact, that I woke up around 3 am to the sound of literal pounding on my windows, until I realized it was the ice that had been warned of all day. I'm certainly getting a pretty hearty slice of winter for my first year in the city! At least it's not so bad as that beastly weather that seems to be ripping through the Midwest! Our colleagues towards the middle of the country have all been scrambling to get out of their offices and into their homes, while us in the Big Apple just continue plugging along, to and from work, grumbling and griping, to be sure, but surely secretly boastful that we have such a plow-on-through mentality. To some it's a cog in a wheel, but for the time being, it's rather a nice feeling, odd as that may sound.


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