Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday mornings without warnings...

 {I'm a horrible blogger who can't remember where these images came from...please forgive me - and let me know - if I stole them from you!}

A little "Mamas and Papas" reference for this dreary Monday morning. This weekend was definitely not long enough. A dear friend from California was in town for the weekend, I did far too much imbibing all around, and I spent Sunday, when not in bed, bemoaning, over some delicious burgers, just how awful Mondays were and how sad it was that Monday was to be here so soon already. So, as you can see, having to get up early and go into work today was less than fun, but in order to try to make your Mondays a little less dreary, here's some nauseatingly cute stuff to hopefully at least make you smile. I just love that octopus.We'll get through this day my friends, together!

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