Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Morning!

Oh Monday. The end of a weekend. At least I thoroughly enjoyed mine! I joined a friend for a delicious sushi dinner after work on Friday, at a BYOB eatery called Fu Sushi. I will definitely be returning to this eatery - delicious, fresh sushi and the opportunity to bring your own bottle of wine to enjoy with the meal?! Genius.
 Friday night I also saw some live music - not something I do with much regularity though I suppose not for any distaste of the subject. I just don't think to go search out venues or acts. But a friend of mine recommended what turned out to be a great band called The Pass, playing at a fun venue, Pianos. In typical fashion, I was informed later that weekend that the "upstairs" of Pianos was an awful place, accompanied with an eye roll as to why I would have ever agreed to patronize such an establishment. To each his own I suppose, and although admittedly I did not go into any upstairs area, I liked the presumably downstairs bar. And the little arena for the bands to play was intimate, as most things in New York are. One thing that stuck with me from my music-listening experience, was a rather encouraging thing. Next to where I stood was a case full of sample CD's of the band's music. Open and out for all to see - literally, I used the stack of CD's as an armrest for part of the set - and not a single person did I see swoop in to snag a freebie. Granted, the crowd seemed young-ish, it's possible I was surrounded by students still living off the comforts of their parents, but I more think it was just a reminder that humans are innately honest and good. And there you are,  a little zen to kick of your week. Now go to, and make this Monday count!
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