Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a beautiful morning!

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Well I'm saddened to tell you all that the first batch of Peanut Butter Kiss cookies, the batch we all tasted, did indeed taste of dirt. So the entire batch had to be scrapped and no one could go home with anything. It was all very sad, and made me feel like a rather awful hostess. I then whipped up a second batch with butter that had been softening all day, rather than sitting in the fridge all day as the dough of the first batch had been, and the cookies are significantly better. So it's the fridge, something is very wrong there. Ah well. The second batch was brought in to coworkers to prevent, as much as possible, yours truly from gaining more weight than I already have. "Oh heavens no!" You shall say, "You needn't fret about such trivial things as weight!" Sorry, supportive ones, the numbers don't lie, and they are moving in a direction of which I am not a fan. Namely, upwards. Anyway, I hope this Wednesday treats everyone remarkably well, and I do apologize that I don't have fabulous photos of these cookies to share with you...I just couldn't bring myself to photograph the first batch as they were such a complete disappointment. So, I hope you enjoyed a picture of a beautiful kitchen that is not mine. Cheers!

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