Friday, May 6, 2011

Casa Mono = Delicious

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I am thrilled to tell you that my family is in town this weekend. And even more thrilled that their first meal on this trip to the city was a crazy success. After everyone arrived last night - with slight delays due to Obama's wreath-laying at the World Trade Center, the wonder of living in this "center-of-the-world" city is still with me in droves - we dined at Casa Mono, a Spanish tapas restaurant in Gramercy. May I just say, this restaurant was truly a delight. We sat at the counter - although to call is such is to demean it in the style of a diner, which this eatery most certainly was not - and while I would have preferred next time to wait to sit at a table, our location was passable. Add this to the fact that the food was beyond delicious, and we had the anti-Havana Central experience. The scallops with tomatillos and palomitas and the whole sepia a la plancha with salsa verde  were my top choices, and I was also a fan of the enselada mono with manchego. Without a doubt, I will be returning to Casa Mono, and I recommend anyone living in New York or planning a trip here, to check it out. Added bonus? They sell gift certificates! (My birthday is in the summer. I'm just saying.) And now, I leave you all to enjoy your weekends! We made it to Friday!
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Casa Mono is located at 52 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003. Reservations can be made at 212-253-2773 or online.

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