Thursday, May 5, 2011

Havana Central

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I went to my second Cuban restaurant ever for dinner this week - this time it was at Havana Central, a New York "chain" of sorts with a handful of locations. I must admit, I didn't really like. Especially compared to Cafe Cortadito. It felt too chain-y, and to be honest our service was pushy rather than attentive. Add to this the fact that the ambiance was not much to speak of, and the food was good but not swoon-worthy, and I can readily admit that I'm content not returning. However, there is a location ridiculously close to our office so I have a feeling coworker events may take place there with some frequency. I am fairly easy to please when it comes to dining out; I don't do it too often - even since the move to the restaurant capital of the world - so just eating dishes beyond the pathetic things that I can whip up in the kitchen is a thrill. Thus, my thoughts on this restaurant really say something. Which isn't to say that I didn't have a wonderful time dining with my feasting-partner-in-crime. Nor to say that I won't be enjoying my leftovers today for lunch at work. After all, there is nothing I've grown to love more than leftovers!

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  1. That's shame it's not good, especially when it's so close! At least there are so many places to choose from where you live :) It looks pretty inside though, maybe a good place to have drinks?

    And poor mouse, I feel like you do, I hope he evacuates! When we first moved into our apartment there was the horrible cockroach infestation. The first dinner my parents had at ours there were cockroaches running up the walls..thank god we got rid of them!