Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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I think this morning was the first taste of the humidity that this summer I've so been yearning for will bring. 68 degrees on my walk, but the air was literally thick and heavy, making it seem much warmer than that. It's supposed to get to 85 degrees today, and I can tell you that I dressed wrong! There's been so many calls for rain and thunderstorms I threw on a light sweater this morning. It should have been a tank top. Still, I must say, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what an east coast summer is like! And to finding the beaches. A friend and I also discovered the Central Park zoo this past weekend, and you'd better believe I'm excited to spend some time this summer wandering through that!

PS - Is it sad how many of these posts I dedicate to talking about the weather? What dull reading! Why did I even start a blog if I honestly have nothing to talk about except the weather?! And yet, to moi, this amount of weather is intriguing. So, I guess I'll continue on. Sorry suckas!

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