Monday, May 23, 2011

Speaking of music...

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I must introduce you all to my sister's amazing music blog, The Wise Bean. While I am a pop fiend to no end - please see the post below this one. AKA my homage to Miss Britney Spears - my sister has an incredibly varied and diverse taste in music. [She's even very slowly beginning to appreciate show tunes, thanks to years of tutelage by her elder sister. And by "tutelage" I mean being forced to listen to show tunes ad-nauseum when we lived in the same house. You're welcome.]

She has always made the best mixed CD's because the amount of music she knows about goes far beyond anything I could ever keep in my mind. And she always knows the back stories to the groups, artists, and/or song specifics. It's incredible. She's the perfect person to go to when you hear about a band you think is new. I have found that they never, ever are. In fact, when we used to drive in my car together and a song would come on the (Top 40 or Alternative) radio she, very often would say, "Oh! They're finally on the radio!" It was amazing. Every. Single. Time. As a proud sister I find her blog to be a lovely way to get to peek into her day-to-day goings-on via the music she posts, and I think you all should check it out, too. Immediately.

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