Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I forgot to post!

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I'm sorry friends and countrymen, I completely forgot all about blogland yesterday! I'm planning a move - the fourth one in a year - as my current roommate will be returning to her home city earlier than originally planned, and it completely took over all my consciousness yesterday as I met with brokers, emailed listings and began the organizing, viewing, and financial reallocation that moving always requires. Please know my love for you is no less, I was just completely neglectful and 100% forgot that things such as blogs exist, and that I myself have one. My world became relegated to brokers fees, move-in dates, budget limitations and location, location, location. In the spirit of my impending move - and because all the places at which I will be looking will be small, tight little quarters (even by New York City standards) due to the fact that I will be staying in the city and not going above my monthly rent budget (still a full paycheck, 50% of my take-home earnings. I'm not exactly being cheap here) - here are some photos of rooms of brighter, roomier homes, that will hopefully serve as inspiration when I get my own place!

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