Monday, June 13, 2011

Gimme down-to-there hair, shoulder-length or longer....!

I am a rather fickle person by nature, especially when it comes to my hair. Usually this results in a home dye-job, the occasional professional highlights, and most often in hair cuts. Shorter and shorter I'll go, adding bangs, choppy layers. But, in addition to being fickle, I am also very impatient, and this makes the growing-out stage of haircuts very cumbersome. Granted, my hair has never been as short as it was cut this past November, so the growing-out stage has never been quite so painful heretofore. Let me tell you, I have been ready for a change for months now, and have been able to have no respite as I refuse to go any shorter, and am tired of dying my hair and having to contend with brassiness and fried ends in a matter of weeks. As such, I decided instead to satiate my need for a hair change, by adding more hair. Yup, I got myself extensions. And? I sort of love them. I haven't had hair close to this long since I was about 24 years old - even when I think it was a good 2 inches shorter - and it is so fun to have long, girly hair again. The fact that my real hair was so short is a bit irritating, as it takes a bit of blending to attempt to make the extensions blend in, but overall I am very happy with the results, and am looking forward to feeling young and fun again for summer!
Hair Before
Hair After

Everything looks better at the salon; here's a next-day look, without a wash or a blowdry. And having withstood some time spent outside in New York wind.
I got my extensions done by Alexandra at Facestation, located at 855 Lexington Avenue; or by calling 877-815-FACE (3223)

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