Monday, June 20, 2011

Lazy Weekend

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This past weekend was one of those that, upon review, was really very long and relaxing. I did not sleep very much, but I spent a lot of quality time with friends, enjoyed the summer weather and the outdoors, ate good meals, met good people, had some good laughs. It's a little hard to realize the numerous, varied events and outings I crammed into a 2-day period and yet it's sort of refreshing as well. I got no errands done, but I had a great time just hanging around and seeing where the days took me, and that is much more worthwhile. There's always time for picking up prescriptions and hanging shelves, these things are not imperatives, and making memories and having fun most certainly are. See? Little by little, I'm living for the moment. :) Happy Monday everyone! We'll get through it together!

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