Friday, June 17, 2011

This is the moment...

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If any of you caught that Jekyll & Hyde reference, you can be my friend for life. Even though I hate that song from the show. Okay, back to it. I had another one of my ever-constant "realizations" yesterday that life is for the living, if you will excuse the over-used idea. I am very much a future-thinker, "once this is done, I can do that", "once I've achieved this, then this will be set" and so forth. When in reality, I'm never going to hit a plateau where my life can finally "start". This is it. This is all I've got, and I need to start making the most of everyday. I always have things I want to get "settled" before I take next steps...I'm truly incredible at over thinking, and I'm truly awful at being spontaneous and seeing where I end up. I'm not sure why I'm so desperate to have control like this, especially since the most fun times one has are those when they let go of that control. And, while I know these over thinking, worrying, and neurotic traits are all an innate part of my personality, and will presumably always be there, that doesn't mean I have to bow down to them continuously. This is much easier said than done, obviously, especially for me. But including in my life people with opposite personalities can surely help in making me more balanced as they push me out of my insular comfort zone, which obviously tends to grow evermore insular when one is in a new city, establishing a new social network. But having friends similar to my own personality is more-than-key too, especially since those on the fringes of my personality can get overwhelming by our sheer differences. Living in the moment is easier with others, ideally friends, that push me to new definitions of comfort, as well as with those with whom I automatically feel comfortable from the start. Just so long as I ensure that I am conscious of my actions and of my enjoyment of any given plan and activity, and make the most of every situation in which I choose to partake. That's what I have to keep reminding myself, that I have to live now. A little deep and new age-y for a Friday, perhaps, but so it goes. Enjoy the weekend, all!

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  1. I'm the same way. I keep telling myself I have to get my life together before I can move forward. But maybe "getting my life together" is just for suckers (ie people that change their sheets once a week and don't eat yogurt past the expiration date). Embrace the chaos!